Who We Are

The IRIS Communications Team

Barbara Bochese, Managing Director

Barbara is a successful senior operations and client services executive. Former President of Talk Marketing (Consumer Sampling and Promotions Company-WOM/DTC), SVP of Operations at HealthEd and VP of Operations at Ogilvy CommonHealth, Barbara brings 20+ years of marketing experience to her position as Managing Director of IRIS Communications.  She has worked with high profile clients such as Procter & Gamble, Revlon, Reynolds, Pfizer, Roche Global Pharmaceuticals, Takeda, Diversified Systems and Kimberly Clark.

Patricia Cirigliano, Communication Design Director, PowerPoint/Prezi/Word Specialist

With a 20 year background in graphic and fine arts, Patricia applies her creative talent and keen eye for design into PowerPoint and Prezi presentations. She is an expert in Word as well as Adobe Creative Suite. Patricia’s expertise has often been utilized by executive leadership teams for internal and client facing presentations and deliverables. Patricia also has extensive experience in project management and administration, managing project placement and account orders for TALK Marketing as their Project Supervisor.

D&B Labs, Digital Innovation Partner, Information Technology Leader

With over 20 years of IT and business leadership experience, exceptional talent for unlocking revenue opportunities and shrewd concentration on the bottom line, D&B Labs is IRIS’ digital partner dedicated to integrating technology, people and data to drive profitable.  D&B brings industry experts with more than 25+ years of advertising and corporate experience to deliver the most impactful innovative technology.

Janette Mochnacz, Marketing Manager

Janette is a high-performing, strategic thinking professional with more than 10 years experience in marketing and communications. Having in-depth involvement in all levels of marketing, Janette has a sound knowledge of marketing strategies, a quick grasp of new trends, and the creative sense to formulate a plan that can be executed with confidence. Janette is also highly skilled in working with other departments and third party vendors to facilitate successful working relationships that help to build brands and satisfy clients.

Frances Porter-Black, Creative Director

Frances started working with IRIS in 2015 as Senior Art Director/Graphic Designer; with over 25 years experience in mega-brand advertising, brand design, and graphic design at both ‘Mad Men’ advertising agencies as well as Fortune 100 companies. She has won numerous awards as an in-house designer and as and ad agency designer. Clients include Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Bio Lumina, Essex County, Turtle Back Zoo, as well as small community projects. Frances has the unique ability of being able to take a complicated idea and hone it down to a simple digestible nugget (and making it beautiful is just the cherry on top!). 

Neil M. Szigethy: Senior Copywriter

Neil brings 30+ years of experience in virtually all areas of automotive marketing and communications for clients such as Subaru, Land Rover, BMW, Honeywell and Sony Electronics. He has both agency and OEM experience, with work covering the gamut from video, brochures, websites and speeches to events, relationship marketing, sales training andprint advertising. He has held positions in automotive marketing, public relations and automotive journalism for consumer and trade publications. Neil has been intricately involved in marketing and positioning decisions, including teamwork behind the launch of the new Range Rover, and Mobil 1 with SuperSyn. He helped launch the Mobil 1 web site (www.mobil1.com) and the Land Rover authority campaign and was part of the integrated team that launched the Lexus brand, helping the luxury brand become a household name.

Donna Rosoluk, Copywriter/Editor

Donna is a results oriented communications professional with more than 20 years of experience specializing in strategic and internal corporate communications. Donna has experience in both writing and editing. Her clients include Johnson & Johnson Corporate, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., Ethicon, Inc., Johnson & Johnson ConsumerCompanies, Inc., and Aleksandrich Compliance & Engineering Services. Donna has extensive experience in writing for the web, corporate messaging and crisis management.

Chris Andrews, Chief Technology Officer

Chris has over 20 years of IT and business leadership experience. He has an exceptional talent for unlocking revenue opportunities and shrewd concentration on the bottom line. Chris’ career has been dedicated to integrating technology, people, and data to drive profitability. Chris has earned a strong reputation for productizing innovative business ideas and drive the full scope of IT initiatives from inception through full execution. A master builder and fixer with a unique blend of business and creative ingenuity, Chris quickly zeros in on the most pressing business issues to develop the best technology solutions and helps companies build world-class IT organizations and operations. Chris is currently working with major pharmaceutical clients and advertising and marketing agencies, both globally and in the U.S.

“IRIS brings a culture of professionalism and highly skilled professionals to insure the best quality of provided services.” 

Fern Heinig

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