Iris Consulting:  Operations, Corporate Communications, Strategic Marketing, Contingent Workforce

Managing Director, Barbara Bochese and Iris' advertising and marketing experts provide our clients with operations, corporate communications, strategic marketing and research/facilitation support on an as-needed basis.  Our experts (client services, operations, research/facilitation, strategic marketing, creative and PPT)  are available to support long-term projects and act as contingent workers when resourcing and timing are factors in delivering work. 

Operations Consulting

For Agencies and Communications Companies in Transition and Growth

Marketing Operations: Typically, Marketing Operations is the function responsible for marketing performance measurement, strategic planning and budgeting, process development, professional development, and marketing systems and data. This work either connects closely to, or includes, demand generation. It also involves the alignment of Marketing with Sales, Business Units, and Finance. Marketing Operational professionals are not classical marketers. Instead of coming from PR or branding backgrounds, they typically come from Finance, IT, Sales Operations and other analytical or process-oriented roles.   Wikipedia 2/27/2012


Did you go to electric routing and you're still making mistakes?

Are your employees complaining about too much process?

Are you seeing another round of employees leaving the company?

Are you hiring the wrong employees and having to let them go?


Agencies Are Unique When it Comes to Operational Process

Iris Communication’s Agency Operations Consulting is led by founder Barbara Bochese and business partner, Virginia Morfe. Combining strong project operations experience, agency acumen, corporate leadership, human resource and research capabilities makes the Iris operations consulting invaluable to agency clients and clients who work with agencies. We understand how business needs to be managed internally.

Iris believes that operations within agencies and companies that work with them must be treated very differently from typical marketing operational processes and standards.

When deliverables come from the creative thinking and strategic ideology, process efficiencies are not easily found or able to be measured. It takes an operations professional who has experience in agency day-to-day execution to understand just how much the business demands and agency culture affect the work effort. Efficiencies can be found in collective and collaborative processes, planning, pricing and estimating, the management of team dynamics and project delivery/workflow. 

In order to create and establish effective communication and strong workflow, one needs to understand the dynamics of an agency and how creative development of work moves through human beings and how to evaluate and hire the best resources.

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“Barbara is the operations guru that every company must have. I had the pleasure of working with Barbara for two years, and during this time I watched her take a company without organization and defined process to a group with define roles, responsibility and especially objectives. Under Barbara’s leadership her define processes were able to be flexible and adaptable to every clients’ realities. Additionally with a centralized operations group, discrepancies of scopes of work between clients no longer existed, and the company was more respected in the industry because of this effort.”

“I had always secretly hoped for the chance to bridge working on the account side with a role on operations because you are such a smart and thoughtful person.” 

“I just wanted to let you know that you are an awesome boss. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a better PM. I learned so much from you and am forever thankful."

“Barbara is a strong leader with unending dedication to her team and peers. Her solution orientated thought process brings great insight and problem solving skills to a growing organization. Barbara is an advocate for process and operations and knows how critical both elements are within the workplace.”